North America
Rozario Marine Inc



Located in Vancouver, Canada, Rozario Marine Inc is the US branch of Ark Global. It offers professional and technical assistance covering ports in Canada and North America.


  • Ship Inspections
  • External Audits
  • Expediting- Loss Control
  • Pre-vetting and Marine Warranty Services in ports in North & South America & Canada
  • Bulk Carrier hatch testing for water tightness.


Diamandopoulou 23,
Voula, 16673, Greece
Tel:, (+30) 210 965 9598
Tel / Fax: (+30) 210 895 5565
email: [email protected]

ABOUT Himaltd

Hellenic Industrial & Marine Agencies (H.I.M.A), was established in March 1994 for the purpose of representing and promoting the activities of foreign firms in the field of shipbuilding, drydocking, afloat and underwater ship-repairs, marine and industrial equipment manufacturing and supply of spare parts. At present it represents shipyards and ship repair units all over the world.