Through its network of suppliers, Hellenic Industrial and Marine Agencies offers efficient and sustainable solutions, by introducing innovative tools and applications that facilitate marine vessel maintenance. These tools can be particularly valuable as they help reduce time and cost for evaluating vessel’s condition, identifying possible problems and for customising marine repair requirements and procedures.

DS Camera for Cylinder inspection

DS Camera for Cylinder inspection

Strategically, there is nowhere better than the dockyard in Gibraltar, lying “at the crossroads of world shipping”, where the Atlantic meets the Mediterranean with some 70,000 vessels passing each year.


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Hellenic Industrial & Marine Agencies (H.I.M.A), was established in March 1994 for the purpose of representing and promoting the activities of foreign firms in the field of shipbuilding, drydocking, afloat and underwater ship-repairs, marine and industrial equipment manufacturing and supply of spare parts. At present it represents shipyards and ship repair units all over the world.