Dianca Shipyard

Dianca Shipyard

Dianca Shipyard


Located at Puerto Cabello, on the Caribbean coast, DIANCA is a fully equipped shipyard for all types of shiprepairs and shipbuilding. DIANCA offers competitive prices and on-time delivery while ensuring high safety and quality standards.


DOCK 1220,5m30m


Diamandopoulou 23,
Voula, 16673, Greece
Tel:, (+30) 210 965 9598
Tel / Fax: (+30) 210 895 5565
email: [email protected]

ABOUT Himaltd

Hellenic Industrial & Marine Agencies (H.I.M.A), was established in March 1994 for the purpose of representing and promoting the activities of foreign firms in the field of shipbuilding, drydocking, afloat and underwater ship-repairs, marine and industrial equipment manufacturing and supply of spare parts. At present it represents shipyards and ship repair units all over the world.