Smart Ship Solutions

Smart Ship Solutions

Smart Ship Solutions


SMART SHIP SOLUTIONS provides a “one stop solutions service” to the Marine and Offshore Industry for Marine Automation, Electrical, Mechanical, Piping, Hydraulic and Steel Structure. While its headquarters are in Singapore, it has set up branches in China, Malaysia, Mumbai, Rotterdam, Houston and Canada. 

In addition to the services listed below, SMART SHIP SOLUTIONS are key providers of innovative tools for carrying out various types of diagnostics on customers’ vessels. In this regard, they are supplying a 360° DS Camera for evaluating the condition of engine liners. Captured images make it possible to see the inside condition of the combustion chamber in detail and analyze the condition. For more information on the DS camera, please click the following link. 


  • Maritime Digital Solutions
  • LSA/FFE & Lifeboat Services
  • Marine Engine and Automation Services
  • Thermographic Study
  • 3D Scanning & Detailed Engineering, Feasibility Study and Installation Process 
  • Ultrasonic Thickness Measurement & Rope Access Solution
  • Spare Parts (Original and OEM)
  • Warehouse and Logistics solutions in China
  • Scrubber, BWTS Installation and Supplies


Diamandopoulou 23,
Voula, 16673, Greece
Tel:, (+30) 210 965 9598
Tel / Fax: (+30) 210 895 5565
email: [email protected]

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Hellenic Industrial & Marine Agencies (H.I.M.A), was established in March 1994 for the purpose of representing and promoting the activities of foreign firms in the field of shipbuilding, drydocking, afloat and underwater ship-repairs, marine and industrial equipment manufacturing and supply of spare parts. At present it represents shipyards and ship repair units all over the world.